Too many times our society predicates itself on people being cool or smooth. Sometimes it seems like the only way to come off desirable or accepted is through limiting our natural ways.

Or to better put it, our awkwardness.

Suppressing the screw ups and mishaps of everyday life won’t make you happy. For me, I’m as awkward as can be. I spill everything, have no filter and regularly find myself in uncomfortable situations. For the longest time, I tried to fight it. I started acting like the cool people in high school and it made me lose track of who I was. It took a while for me to notice, but eventually I realized I wasn’t happy. You can’t change who you are, and doing so results in confusion and restlessness.

It wasn’t until this year I finally accepted who I was and embraced the awkward.

A funny thing happens when you’re comfortable with yourself. Life becomes less of a chore and interactions stay natural. Laughing at yourself makes you feel at ease and improves your sense of purpose.  It’s a unique quality to show off something society considers a deficiency.

Don’t compromise yourself for anyone else. When you accept what you are, your confidence soars.

Next time you slip and fall to the ground, get up and laugh. Who cares?! Go on about your day and smile. The next time you say something inappropriate, step back and be like “shit, my bad” and move on. In the end, we are all awkward to some type of degree. Let’s show it off as a strength rather than sulk over it as a weakness. Because removing the negative stigma of awkward lets you embrace who you are.

When you do that, you’ll finally feel comfortable — even with a mustard stain on your shirt.  


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