I’m sorry.

You didn’t deserve my games.

It’s out of my nature.

To this day I wonder why I did it.

Why I lashed out.

Why I got so intimate mentally only to pull away.

I’m sure it was difficult on you.

If I could go back, I’d do things differently.

I’d give you a chance.

But that time has passed.

You moved on and so have I.

Would I be up for another try?


But do I deserve that?

No — I don’t.

I think its human nature to wonder what could have been. God knows I’ve had several chances with you and still something inside held me back. I was looking for perfection, but that doesn’t exist.

Left to my own devices, I feel some sort of regret.

I do believe everything in life happens for a reason, and I believe me not reciprocating your feelings was what fate decided.

But I still don’t see why I didn’t just give it a try.

I guess the lesson’s learned through the casualty of experience.

You’re the first girl I hurt, but probability says you won’t be the last.

I guess the hurt’s come full circle at the possibility I denied and the path I refused to cross.



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